Tuesday, January 31, 2006

There Is No Such Thing As Later...

I just had to delete some older posts, that I had thought I would finish laster, when the creative juices were in full flow. But after a long time and countless editings and deletions, I have just realized - there is no such thing as tomorrow. jo bhi hai, aaj hai. Kal ho na ho.

In plain english, one just can't finish a post later.

There is no such thing as later.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Doing Yoga...

I have joined yoga classes with teh Arya Samaj here, and have been attending their prayanam classes since the past three days. So far, I have been taught the exercises, which involve stretching to the rhythm of breathing.
I really can't say if it has had a positive effect on me, cos I still laze around all day, and haven't been able to put all the energy spending to good use.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

A City Unravels...

There are layers to Bangalore. Let me explain.
There's the Bangalore that one reads in the newspapers, a hot and happening city, filled with pubs and software professionals. That's very true.
Then there's the city one actually encounters when one reaches here for the first time. It's a young city alright, bursting with energy, on a different beat with the rest of India. A city of big brands, orderliness, good traffic sense (unlke Delhi).
Then there's the Bangalore that reveals itself when one lives here for some time and moves around. Then one find the little gems like the magazine place, the DVD shop, the small but expensive Chinese restaurant that has good lamb.
And finally there's the Bangalore that reveals itself if you take things really slowly, like walking instead of taking an auto. The Bangalore then is the one populate by the small vendors, the chanawala, the naarial-paani wala etc. This Bangalore moves at a differnt pace. Maybe this is the old pace. That's the pace I like.
I am slowly disvocering B'lore on foot. Already, I have toured the whole of MG Road, Brigades (one and the same) and commercial and also the Indiranagar area where I live next up, move out of teharea where I live and discover more.

Weather and Gaming...

The weather in B'lore baffles me. Where I stay, its usually warm to hot. I sleep with the fan on. But I go a little towards Koramangle, which is south, I think, and it starts getting colder. My friend tells me that its because Koramangle is the southern edge of the city, and beyond it is just wilderness, or at least lesser population. Hence the coldness there. I have to wear jackets while I'm there. But this extremes of weather is really baffling.
I have also become a member at two cybercafes, primarily to checkout the games that they have, namely, Reliance and Sify. Reliance, with all the backing of the Ambani fortunes, cannot run even a half-way decent cybercafe. It takes nearly two minutes to log into their system, and then there is the thing about the stiff keyboards, the bad ergonomics of the chairs, the bad speeds (broadband my foot!) and the extremely bad games. Its the usual ones, World of Warcraft, Halo, Need For Speed, etc, but they again take a long time to load. And didn't the person who choose the hardware know that the sleek LCD monitors are not yet ready for gaming yet?? and those small screens....
Now Sify, on the other hand, ave got quite a few things right. For one, their choice of games is moer than Reliance. And it is sorted under different genres, like racing, sports, action, strategy. And under each heading, there are more choices available. Also, the still use the bulky CRT monitors, which can offer better frame rates that the games require. Oh, and Sify is cheaper too...
So all in all, I would much rather spend my gaming money at Sify than at Reliance. Makes for a bette experience.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Mini-Adventure

What little advnture I had!! I had gone searching for a job, and lost the keys to my house instead!! And a fine day I chose, when all the locksmiths had closed their shops.
This Wipro thing has had me running for two days in a row. Two days of going all the way to the Electronic City and back. That's one way of visiting B'lore, I reason.
The only good thing tcome out of the whole thing is that I got a spend night with Neelu, which is a fine thing. No matter hog big he grows, he isstill the small town boy, aware of where he comes from. Or maybe he doesn't need to put his mask in front of me. Maybe that's what friends do. Put each other at ease. Anyways, it was a time well spent. In fact, he put the whole thing about me losing my key and having to roam the city in a good light when he reminded me about the time I was stranded in Mumbai for three days and had to spend the night at the station. Like he said, I'm still the Adventerous Boy (a name a girl gave me for god knows what reasons).

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Places to Visit..

This job hunting is taking me to newer places. I went as far as Hosur today, searching for a job. And it cost me a bomb. Have noted down the bus nos. Will take me around three hours to travel there, but I will say more than 150 bucks.
Will Do.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ek Alkela Is Shehar Mein...

Ah, B'lore is slowly opening up to me. I trekked through the city today, covering MG Road, Brigades and Commercial street (or are they just different sections of a very big area? methinksso). I even managed to meet a few of my A'bad friends, colleagues whon I started out with. It was nice talking ot them.
But the best part, in my opinion, was a shop devoted solely ot megazines. Just rows upon rows of outdated and current Indian and foreign journals. I doubt such a store exists in Delhi, and lets not even begin to talk about A'bad, ok? Such niche shops are what makes a city, in my opinions. Not malls, not pubs, not big splashy MNCs, but stores that cater to a particular taste. The others are easily replicable, but shops like these require some drive, ome guts, to declare themselves as a niche place rather than a general place.
There were megazine on all topics, for all tastes. When I have a job and some money in my pocket, I will go and buy a few of those. A National Geographic about Saudi Arabia, a New scientists, and a few computer gaming mags.
Will Do.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Caffaine Rush...

I have just discovered a new pleasure - coffee. Not just any coffee, but filter coffee. Let me elaborate.
I always associated coffee with Nescafe, that all pervasive band that has become synonymous with coffee. One can go into a restaurant and ask for nescafe. And that's what intrigued me. Why, I wondered, did people talking about how good coffee is, how it is better than tea any given day. It's just on taste, I thought, it doesn't change no matter how you make it, where you make. And joints like Starbucks and Barista did not help either. They sold a lifestyle more than coffee. Caffeinated, Decaf, low-fat, all the same. Boring. Yawn. I seriously thought coffee drinkers were loonies.
But that changed when I had my first Hazelnut coffee. I discovered that there was more to coffee than Nescafe. Like there was the strong black one which tasted unlike Nescafe.
And now, I have finally discovered what people mean when they talk about coffee, thanks to the tiny shops that line the CMH road in B'lore. Yes, coffee is best when it is filter coffee, the strong, bitter, supercaf concotion that wakes you up hard. Am really addicted.
But let me make it clear that I am not switching my loyalites over to coffee. I am a tea person and will remain one forever.

Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi

Nothing much happened today...oh, I saw a very good film today, Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi. A Truly memorable film. Even though the film is set in th 70s, much of it is still relevant. Its a real wonder how Sudhir Mishra managed to capture all the angst and frustrations and love and despair into this film...
The film is about three friends, each of whom has different loyalties. Theres Siddharth (Kay Kay), Geeta (Chitrangda) and Vikram (Shiny Ahuja), three friends with differnt outlooks towards life. While Siddharth wants to bring a revolution and change the world order, Geeta is just happy being with Siddharth, whatever hi philosophy be. Vikram, a middle class boy with idealist Gandhian father, is ambitious and feels that all the talk of a revolution is useless and just wants to get to the top. A love triangle in place, the movie traces that path that each protagonist take over the course of a decade.
Siddharth goes from being a man driven completely by an ideology to a person who is able to question the ideology - he is even prepared to postpone the prolitarian revolution because the common people are not ready. He sees the tragedy in Bihar and acquires a human face.
Geeta marries an IAS officer but continues to see Siddharth on the sly, but after leading two lives, gives it up all for love, to live with Siddharth in Bihar, teaching, and in the process, giving up a cushy life. From a clueless person, she becomes a person with a mission.
Vikram becomes a fixer of sorts with the prower-set in Delhi, seeing a meteoric rise, but all this is still empty for him, as he does not have the one things that he really wants, Geeta. He finally gets her, but at what cost?
The film progresses with a purpose, and manages to portray each protagonists point of view without ever taking sides. No one is the bad guy here. Each is driven by his or her motivations.
Of the cast, Shiny Ahuja really shines. He manages to bring out the layers that his character demands. He is cocky with his colleauges and the power-set of Delhi, but before Geeta, he becomes completely vulnerable. All his ambitions come crashing down before his idealist father, who is his anti-thesis.
Kay Kay is given a role in which he cannot but shine. But he manages to do so without going over-the-board is a tribute to his poweress as an actor From being an idealist firebrand student to a budding revolutionary to a war-torn guerilla to a defeated revolutionary, he handles it with aplomb.
Chitrangda too is very good, onsidering it is her first role. That she is also a pleasure to look at helps.
All three are ably helped by a stellar supporting cast. Espically worth watching amony them is Siddharth's father, when he goes pleading for his son's safety.
All in all, a very good film.

On another note, you know your life sucks when the only highlight of your day is watching a movie. Thats life telling you to get a life.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

HAPPY 2006

Wow!! Its 2006!! That's one year gone, and no significant blogging done there. Looks like I am seriously losing my touch (or have I lost it already?).
But anyways, whats past is past. Lets begin anew. 2006 sees me in a new city, Bangalore, making a new life for myself. So far so good. All that I had heard about it being the most westernised city in India wer quite true. Am amazed to find stuff like olives and snicker bars even in common supermarkets. these wern't avaiable even in Delhi.
And the weather. Yeah the weather. After the biting cold of Delhi, the mild coolness is a nice welcome. Really looking forward to a nice stay here. But then who knows which way the wind blows...
Ah, chuck it, will enjoy it while I'm here. In the mean time,
HAPPY 2006 TO ALL!!!