Wednesday, November 04, 2009

9 Baadlon Mein Lal Saand...

Did you see the new Cloud 9 ad on tv? It goes like this, womand in red is walking by a riverside, when she sees a bull standing nearby. The bull sees the red, and starts charging towards her. She runs in the woods, the bull in hot pursuit, till she reaches a tree that has a monkey eating something red. The monkey throw the red item down to her, and it turns out to be the Cloud 9 energy drink. The woman drinks up, is charged up, and rises a cloud. The bull retreats


The woman wearing RED is running from a BULL...and when she drinks the energy drink, she a CLOUD!!

As far as being an effective ad goes, this ad completely fails, because the product comes at the end, with no clue about what it might be at the beginning. This is not even a good revenge ad, since the RED and the BULL are more prominent than the CLOUD (speaking of which, there was no symbolism for the 9). And as far as being subliminal ad goes, the message that one gets is more for Red Bull than for Cloud 9.