Thursday, April 08, 2010

Stand By Me...

This is a shout to know who you are. Here goes:

Laut Ke Budhdhu....

I have been jobless for nearly four day now, but I am not worrying, the reason being the kind of industry that I am in. In the last four days, I have secured a job, applied for another, and rejected the first, and promptly accepted the other.
That there is why I like this industry!!! There's never any shortage of jobs, never mind the fact that its usually bottom rung jobs, but at least they pay adequately!!
Given how boring and monotonous my life had become, I really needed the break. Now that I have had my rest, I am dreading the return to calling.
The one bright spot to my bekaari was that I discovered The Beach Boys. To lift up a mood, you can't get any better (with the exception of dil daance maare).

Friday, April 02, 2010

Bekaari aur khushi....

Day one of joblessness, and I am feeling relaxed, actually!!! Not today, the dread of getting ready for office....YIPPEEEE!!
Another reason for the upbeat mood is my discovery of the Beach Boys' music. Their music is so upbeat, about the surf, sand, cars...vintage California stuff. But listen carefully, and you notice the complex song constructions, contrasted with the simple lyrics.
People, if you are feeling down, listen to the Beach Boys.
Like they would say...Catch a wave, you'll be sitting on top of the world

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Yesterday was a day like any. I went to office and logged in, expecting calls. Only, the call flow was extremely slow. In fact, I have taken just three calls when the calls stopped coming. Everyone just went their own ways without informing their team leaders that they were taking a break. We were having such a call flow for the past few day. There was a strong rumor that the process was winding up.
As days go, this was just the begining. From then, it was all downhill. We learnt that our best performers were being shifted to another process, that out CEO had quit, there was another strong rumor that even our manager had quit. Our fears were confirmed when it was announced that the process was in fact, winding up.
But in IPS (sorry, IQR) , these things are expected. One thing I have learnt about its history is that it survives on a prayer. I was there during the world financial crisis, when we were very sure that it would wind up day. We would show up for work, and be informed that the company was closing down. But that did not make us want to search for a new job.
Eventually, the company did weather that storm and came out stronger.
Until now.
It was deja vu all over again, when these event started happening all over again. Things do round, but in this case, there are very small circles indeed!!
Finally, one hour before i was to log off, the final bomb was dropped. My TL informed me that I, along with some more people, would have to quit. No reasons given, but that was it clear why. Even the last time, there was a massive attrition and people were asked to quit.
It is not the fact that I have been asked to quit, but the manner that it has been done that irks me. As a company, it has to learn how to bid farewell. Just telling your employees that their services are no longer needed, and asking them not to come from the next day onwards is not done at all.
Nearly two years of memorable working, and it had to end like this...