Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Some Observations

* Why does my boss grunt whenever he passes by me? Could it be because he is grossly overweight, and the act of walking the nearly 2 1/2 meters from his office to where I sit really tires him out and he needs to take a massive dose of oxygen intake in order to move ahead? For the sake of my own safety I hope it is.

* All this hardworking has had some side effects. I noticed that I had lost my eye-hand-mouth coordination when I spilled food on my clothes. This never happened before. Must shape up. And speaking of food....

* My third and finally observation is, never, NEVER, NEVER order rasogollah in a mallu restaurant!!(*&%^$@#$%^) What you will get is a rock hard pile of paneer floating in sweet water, mind you, water, not syrup. Only god knows how I survived THAT!!!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Some more things about Hemant

A correction. Hemant didn't die of brain tumor, but of brain hammerage.
Also, did I mention that he was a very lonely person? He always met evryone in a friendly manner, but I doubt if he had any real friends, like say, I have v-10 (for better or for worse, we stick by each other). I guess, in all the rush to earn money and a degree, he couldn't find time to make friends. He knew a lot of people, but I doubt if he had any real pals.
Hemant also wanted to own a mobile. When he was in doing his M.Phil, he got a second job that was more high paying than the other one. In his excitement, he told me that finally he could buy a mobile for himself!! At that time, AT&T were advertising how owning a mobile was cheaper than a cup of tea (cost of a cup of tea: Rs 2. Cost of making a call from a mobile: Rs 1.50). He never did own a mobile till theend, I suppose.
While he was doing his M.Phil, I in my inspirational mode, asked both him and Jemini to write poetries, tell them how it had a therupatic effect on person and how it helped people express themselves. I remember he came up with very dark and bleak poetry. Something that had to do with death, road, dead body, and how he will perish without anyone really knowing him. Which really makessense now, since he was practicaly living on the road, spending only a few hours at home to sleep. I was really amazed by his poetry. I wonder if I can get it now. Will try.
I will be writing more about him, as and when I remember it.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

R.I.P. Hemant

I finally finished my project on time on Friday. But the happiness and the relief that I was expecting was not there. Reason? On Friday, I received a mail from Neelkanth, that my friend Hemant had died. He didn't say much as t ohow he had died.
Later I learnt that he had died of brain tumor.
Now, Hemant was not my friend in the same league as my v-10 friends. He was more a college pal. I remember, when I was in college, he was always bullied by the other guys in NCC. But he just wouldnt be put down. He was able to match them word for word. And be good in marching as well. Later, in TY, we were in the same class, and I learnt that he was quite an interesting guy. Intelligent, ever helpful, industrious. He was working in a newspaper printing press in addition to studying. Work in the night and attend college in te morning. But people still wanted to boss over him.
I was in MA that I wasable to know him more. I realised that he had a lot of ideas about the things around him, things that bothered him, things he wanted to change. I too has the same idea, and I remember the discussions I had with him during our breaks between the lectures. We discussed recent political events, how the infrastructure in A'bad could be inproved. And in all this, he continued to work as well as study, but now he was doing two jobs as well as MA. In the morning he worked, afternoons he was in the college, and in the evenings, he went to his second job. Only God knows he he managed it, but he did. And in all this, he found time to do errands for his friends and professors. In fact, he had plans to do a PhD in pol sci, and his profs seemed to be willing to tutor him.
But alas, this will not happen, as he is no more. He leaves behind a wife and two kids, the last on only a few months old. I first got in touch with him a few months ago, to discuss the possibility of starting a magazine with him. He seemed quite ready for it. We had discussed the possibility to starting a political/social magazine directed towards the youth, as both of us felt that the youth today was not well informed or was simply undecided. He said that he was game for it, and could even arrange the finances for it. But now, it is not possible to do it. Hemant leaves behind him, an unfulfilled life.
Its really cruel on God's part, to terminate a life like Hemant. If anyone didn't deserve to die, it was him. He had his whole life ahead of him, his family, his newborn. Heres hoping the best for his remaining family.
Rest In Peace, Hemant. And have a more pleasant reincarnation.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

A B Vajpayee The Master Politician

Is the media really as dumb as it seems it is?? Common, al Vajpayee wanted was some attention during his holidays in Manali, and this he got giving contradictory statement. Some to think of it, more was written about him during this time than about Manmohan Singh or Sonia Gandhi. He wasnted all the media attention to himself and he got it. Looks like he still hasnt gotten over his defeat, and misses the attention he got. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the genius of Atal Behari Vajpayee the master politician, who manage to hog all the media attention, leaving the ruling govt to sit in the dark.


Its now 12:40 here, and I missed the striking oF the clock at midnight, as I was busy working. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Thought For The Day

Mr. Vajpayee should stop taking breaks. He always puts his foot in his mouth when he does. Previously, it was in Goa, and now in Manali. He starts rambling, and either the Right of the Left gets up in arms. Vajpayeeji, chutti aapke sehat ke liye theek nahi hai.

Duty Calls

Due to unreasonable demands at the work place (they are asking me to work), the bolg will be inconsistent in updating. There go my attempts at getting an invite to GMail

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Game up, site recommendations

Looks like Modi's game is up. The heads had to roll for the BJP's debacle at the polls, and what better time than right now! But like they say, alls well that ends well. Now lets see if the Congress has the balls to punish him.
Moving on, the blogs completely recommends Defective Yeti This guy is totally hillarious.

Not Him...

Ok, I stand corrected. But the idea was hillarious all the same!!

Touble seems to be headed to UP nowa (in fact, trouble has done a bharat darshan many times over than an indian PM ever has!!). But that was to be expected. You see, The Congress seems to be in a recovery mood, and agressively trying to regain what they think is their feifdom, the state of UP. I suspect, they are superstitious about it, and feel that if they are able to regain UP, their fortunes will rise again nationally. But why the allure of UP? Well for one, it sends the maximum number of MPs to Center. So who ever controls UP is likely to control the Center as well. Fair enough, but what about he people (people, what people)?. UP has among hte highest population dnesities in India, but is starved to development for a long time. If the alternative to Samajwadi Party was good, then I would have welcomed it. But Rahul???? That guy can't even say his name without comming out looking that he is reading from a prepared speech. Which makes me think, has India found our own home grown Dubya?? His PR personells must have told him that his dimples may go down well with the masses, but does he always have to keep giving thatt stupid grin that highlilghts the dimples? The Left seems to be stuck in between all this. Harkishen Singh Surjeet must be ruing the day he asked said that the CPI(M) will support the govt from outside. Far from being the kingmakers, they are more like the trouble-shooters.
The BJP seem to be finally accepting that having a riot does not do good for the party. I'll bet A B Vajpayee will be ruing the day he did not fire Modi while he rests his heels in Manali. Maybe he will write a nice poem about it. meri baavanvi kavita

Friday, June 11, 2004

Odds and Ends

My fears about Natwar Singh seem to be coming true. He goes to US and says the India might consider sending troops to Iraq (pray how has the situation changed there??). Have you been living under a rock all this time, Mr. Singh?? Don't you get TV in your home? The images one gets are enough to deter anyone, but you promptly so ahead and say the India might send it troops there. Haven't you considered about a continuation in foreign policy?? Just to refresh your memory, India had declared the war against Iraq and its subsequent occupation as illegal, and that it would not support such an act. This was one of the better judgments of the NDA govt, IMO. But now, Mr. Singh goes ahead and says the India just might send troops afterall. Lets hope the Left's objection is effective (I actually support them on this one!!)


This is hilarious. And if he loses, he can still make a movie out of it, Munnabhai MLA/MP. Kya mamu!!!


Yesterday, when I gave my assurance to my boss that the deadline will be met this time around, he smiled a little. I thought that a special bond has been established between us, but in retrospect, I feel that this is not the case. I suspect that my boss was not convinced that I will be able to meet my deadline, and he was imagining him drumming my a**. I am sure of it.


My my, aren't we getting little too ambitious here? But then, he is a Gandhi, so he can think about it.

The Bats Come Out

Doha, as a city, was never popular for its night life. I have seen life here since I was 12. I remember the streets largely empty, and that was during the rush hour!! But now, it seems to be changing.
Yesterday, as I was returning from the office at 3 in the morning, I was amazed at the amount of traffic that was out. And these were not people returning from a late party. Rather, they were just young people generally hanging out. This wasn't the scene just six month ago. I am witnessing a tectonic change in the Doha lifestyle, the changing perception to life in general. Now, let me clarify that by night life, I don't mean booze and women and wild parties, ala in the West and, sadly also in India (these were present, albeit discreetly, for a long time here as well). By night life, I mean people just hitting the road in their cars and roaming on the streets. The good part of the night life here is that due to strict laws against drunken driving, one rarely encounters and rash driving. The locals here are just cruisin' and thats good. Plus, there is the coming of more nationalities like Nepali and Filipinos here, that makes Doha more cosmopolitan that it already was. Most small restaurants now remain open all night, and they do most of their business during that time as well.
In fact, all of this inspired me to write a book on the emerging night life in Doha. But then I realized that I really haven't been out there, talking to people about what the night life is all about. BUT I WANNA WRITE A BOOK!! So, not sure about what to research and what the tone of the book should be, but I have decided on the name. Its 'The Bats Come Out'. Cool, huh? On the other hand, I really have not much build on, other than my own observations, so I will write a very personal account of the emergence of night life in Doha, Which I mostly missed even though it happened right before my very own eyes. The name of the book? 'My Eyes Were Closed: A Personal Account of How I Failed to See The Emerging Night Life In My City'. Now to find a publisher before I start writing.....

Just Shoot Me

Somewhere in my kundli (horoscope), it must say that I will always shoot myself in the foot. Today, my editor asked me when my assignment, which has been over deadline twice already will be ready. I promptly tell him, 'By the end of this month' which is a doable time period, provided you really mean it from the bottom of your heart. He wants it completed earlier, so a compromise is reached, whereby I will have it ready by 25th, but then it strikes me, not only do I have to complete my assignment, I also haveto build a website and upload it on that, all by 25th of this month....
The only solace I can take from my habit of regularly shooting myself in the foot is that I am not a soldier ;-)

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Another insight into Operation Bluestar

Another insight into Operation Bluestar. I must say, rediff has got this nice policy of analysing a partucular event in complete totality. They should probably collect these interviews, club them in a book, and then release it. One about Operation Bluestar, one about the Babri Masjid demolition, one about the Godhra riots, another one about Kargil... In fact, I will probably suggest this to them, yeah.
Instant Karma of the week: Not so long ago, Sonia Gandhi's inner voice told her that she should not accept the post of the PM. She listened to it, and overnight became the heroine of the nation. But not we hear that she has been a cabinet status, will have a fleet of babus at her service, and will also be able to access the government's files. And if that is not enough, she is not answerable to the PM. In fact, she supercedes the PM. Sooooo, the Manmohan Singh govt needs a nanny/teacher to run the govt, is it? Didn't your inner voice tell you to respect the constitution?

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Not alone

So finally I am not the only one looking at my blog!!! Hi Roopesh!! And where exactly did you find the sense of humor in my blog, do let me know. Or is it that all the last about the current govt has become a joke?
Anyways, moving on, I feel that my years working in India may have made me immune to the intricacies of office politics. You see, in India (at least in a'bad), it was a clear case of one upmanship, while here, there a some amount of subtlety involved. Yesterday, my boss shouted at me for failing to meet deadlines three times in a row. This was meant to be a reprimand where in, I am to shut up and listen and at the most, offer some apologies. But being groomed in the Indian office etiquette, nothing that does not involve pulling down the other person and stomping all over him qualify as a reprimand. So I failed to catch the hidden import of all his shouting. My cool attitude also seems to have confused him, and he just left, muttering 'how will it be done? How will it be done?' Was only around two hours later that it struck me that maybe my boss meant all that shouting as a way of making me pull up my socks. Hoo boy, I have a long way to go.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Getting Lazy

I seem to be getting lazier day by day. I slept till 12 noon today. Of course, thats only 8 hours of sleep, but I should be working my ass off, trying ot meet the deadline, but no!! I go ahead and get my mandatory 8 hour sleep as if nothing's the matter!! And while in office, I tend to roam on the net, getting nothing worthwhile. Note to myself: must shape up.

Added later:Oh yeah? How bout we replace you with your sister? At least she knows how to keep her trap shut.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Twentieth Anniversary of Operation Bluestar

What do I remember about Operation Bluestar? Not much, actually. I was about nine when that happened, but I remember feeling that it was wrong, and people should not have shot in a holy place. Also, the accompanyng massacre of the PM was also wrong. But now, 20 years after the incident, the person who led the charge into the Golden Temple, Lt Gen (Retd) Kuldip Singh Brar tells in all from the government's point of view in an excellent four part series here, here, here and here. Worth a read.

Passing Thoughts: Living a lonely existance in cyberspace is not a good thing

Sunday, June 06, 2004


How fast cna you translate 100 pages from eEnglish to Hindi? I have about 10 day to do it.....waaahh!!!!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Issues with Left

The Left seems to be in a fix. While it seems committed to support the Congress-led alliance, it also cannot bring itself to support a government that has tainted ministers in its cabinet. Plus, there is the little issue about privatisation. It is dead against the selling of PSUs, but it is lending support to a government which, in its own words, it committed to privatisation. So we have Sitaram Yechuri leading a protest against the privatisation of the airports. On NDTV, it was tragi-comic to hear the CPI(M) spokesman Nilopat Basu justify his party's flip-flop on the issue of tainted ministers. The Left has lost it (supposed) moral superiority.
This blogger seems to make a point here.
Moving on, it now emerges that Sonia has not completey given up on her position (I may have written about it in an earlier post). Whats more, even the BJP now has teo centers of power in the Parliament, what withe Mr. Advani being the leadder of the opposition, and Mr. Vajpayee being the chairperson of the BJP's parliamentary party. Must look forward to interesting times in Indian politics, what with there being four power centers in the Center. If two is company and three is a crowd, then what is four?
The FM seems to have had his first brush with obstacles today, with the meetings with the trade union leaders not going too well. But being hte tough politician that he is, I am sure that he will come out tops. Here is an in-depth piece on this issue. In the meantime, here is an interesting piece on the businessmen in politics

Missed day

Lot must have happened today, but I wouldn't know, as I slept the whole day!!. Thats right, I slept for for 13 hrs straight. Now here I am, in office, feeling extra lethargical, on hte verge of a headache.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Young Blood in Politics

What was that again? Sacrifice? Inner Voice? Guess that must her told her to do this as well. Also, with the possible privatisation of airports about to take place (a good move IMO), the Left Front is already playing truant, and supporting the trade unions. This will be a test for hte Manmohan Singh govt.
The television channels seem to be focussing on the new and young entrants to the Lok Sabha. Fair Enough. BUT WHY DO THEY HAVE TO INTERVIEW PRIYANKA VADRA ON HOW SHE FELT WHEN RAHUL TOOK THE OATH??!!?? Really, this fawning over the Gandhis by the media is the reason the dynasty is able to survive. Disgusting.

OOh lala

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Nothing extraordinary

Not particularly an eventful day today. It was the usual. At the same time, the blog would highly recommned the McDonalds' Greek salad with the thousand islands dressing. All I can say is, I'm lovin' it :)

Moving on, P Chidambaram seems to be going all out to placate the jittery businessmen (and to think that they are the entreprenuers, the risk takers!!!) The TOI reports on the direction the economy will head under Mr. Chidambaram. More services to be brought under the tax net, which means that more burden will be passed on to the individual. So much for their slogan of 'Congress Ka Haath, Aam Aadmi Ke Saath'

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I gradually seem to be slipping into laziness again. I woke up at 11.30 today, which is not good. plus, I seem to be developing a very weak back. Must begin exercising.

Later in the Day: Skipped office today to go and watch Troy. Actually, I wanted to watch Big Fish, but missed that by half an hour. An ok-to-not-so-good movie. It starts slowly, and then proceeds at near 'bout that pace. The director seems confused whether to make a Ben Hur or a LOTR. Timepass.