Friday, March 31, 2006

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Changing Face Of Ahmedabad...

Its been a long time since I posted anything. For my part, I was away to A'bad for a few days. A'bad and I have a strange relationship. Its the place I was born, and by that account, I should have a very emotional bond with it. But no. I am more ambivalent to it. Sure, it is the place I was born, but it is also the palce I went to college to, the place I started working and also the place I later struggled to find a job, the place I got into fights... The last has really put it in a bad light for me.
But this time around, things seemed different. Different from the time I visited the place last year. I couldnt put a finger on it, the feeling. Maybe the absence was making my heart grow fonder for the place, or maybe I was getting old, hence a little emotional attachment for all things nostalgic. Things just seemed a little different. For starters, my old house seemed bigger, which is not a surprise after living in a Delhi flat and warmer because of all the memories. Fair enough. But what about the place outside? Things just seemed different. People recognise you, which is a nice feeling. But people when you realise that you werent really chatty pals with them. Your equation with them has advanced, and you didn't know that!! But still, all in all, the first two days were good, barring the very dirty house.
A'bad has certainly moved ahead. Its evident everywhere I went. Gone is the sleepy town of my college days. In its place is a town trying to maek up for the lost time spent snoozing. A'bad wants to be declared a metro town, and it is stopping at nothing to achieve this. Roads have been cleared, broadened, dividers have been set up, CNG in commercial vehicles is necessary, there are newer buses...
But it is in the evening that the change becomes evident. It is quite in the evening. And as far as I can remember, A'bad was noisy till at least 1 am in the morning. And now, things quite down by 11 pm!! What could be the reason for this drastic change? could be that the Gujju craze for the US has finally had a social impact as the population is greying and the youth is off to distant shores, leaving the place like a ghost town? After the riots, people have started moving out to places like Mumbai (number two in the Gujju wish list after US), B'lore and Hyderabad. Opportunities have reduced there inspite of opening of lots of call centers. But if the call centers thrived in India due to cost benefits, they are opening in A'bad for the same reason. The labour there is the cheapest, so the rate of attrition is even higher than traditional call centers.
Another factor is the expanding of A'bad. it is slowly expanding to encompass the nearby villages into its limits, and this is where the crowd is headed. As a result, where there was only the CG Road and the Municipal market as a hangout spot, there is now the SG road as well, with newer shopping malls and multiplexes coming up. As a result, the crowd has spread out...
and speaking of shoppin malls, their increase in numbers has not meant an increase in the number of shops there. Usually, there are just a few big shops that are open there, and the rest are shut. Looks like not many are willing to take a chance and open up there and compete with the big boys...
But I am just thinking out loud here. Whatever the case maybe, A'bad is definately changing, and the optimist in me is sure that it is for the better.
I should know. I have the sixth sense for that place

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Post Holi...

Post Holi, the normal humdrum of life is back. It's the usual grind. Was it yesterday that I had so much fun? The sky has started being overcast once again. The hide and seek in on. Looks like even God wanted us to enjoy on the Holi day. Fun Guy, the Big One.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Holi!!!

A Happy Holi To All!!!
Just when I had resigned to a grey and drab Holi this year, the sun shone bright today, and it became warm for all to enjoy. The day was saved. Looks like even God wants us to emjoy our Holi!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai!!!

Looks like this Holi will be memorable to different reasons entirely. The weather seems to be headed south, and cold is creeping in. Heavens are crying, with no respite in sight. So a wet Holi is completely out. Just as well, 'cos I hate wet Holi. But in the spirit of things, Bura na mano, Holi hai!!!

RDB Re-Reviewed

Saw Rang De Basanti a second time, and this time around, my perspective about the movie has changed. No, I did not suddenly find the movie worthy of an Oscar. But a few of my conceptions(is that a word?) about the movie have changed since the first time.
The second time around, the movie seemed more enjoyable. Amir's acting seems more refined on second viewing. See especially, his breaking down when he returns from the demonstration. The way his lips quiver, he has certainly matured as an actor. By contrast, his portrayal of the carefree DJ seems by the numbers, and his Punjabi/Delhi accent leaves a lot to be desired. Also my main peeve, that the characters have not been fleshed out still remains.
Where the movie scores the second time is in the earnestness. Looks like its heart was in the right place. But as with all things with hearts in th right places, it comes of as a little naive. All politicians are evil, the cure for it is to join govt. and so on. Living in India and seen the changes first hand, I can attest that things are a lot more positive now. Sure, things are not perfect, but they are not so down and out either. People are happer than before and they are taking more interest in their suroundings. In this scenario, to say that things are bleak is missing the point.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sapnon Ka Saudagar...

The net was supposed to offer people anonymity, but it seems to be doing the exact opposite. People, bin their quest for recognition, publish the darndest things, like tablemannered did she when she published her dreams. Don't people realize, that dreams are a mirror into their subconscious??? You could be Mogambo in real life, but one dream interpretation, and people realize that you are just another softie. So, moral of the story, BEWARE, YOUR DREAMS ARE YOUR OWN TO KEEP.

And speaking of knowing about urself, here is a nice Jung test to know just who you are. Me, I am INTP, Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceiving

Introverted - 56%
iNtuitive - 25%
Thinking - 1%
Perceiving - 44%

So, I am perceiving, and intuitive, but I don't think too much about all that I perceive, which is good, cos I am introverted, and so, don't express too easily :-)

Famous INTP persons:
Albert Einstein (woo hoo)
Thomas Jefferson

Back in Business...

Got my laptop back today, nearly as good as new. Its absence made me realise how much I have come to rely on it...a regular desktop just wont do it for me anymore.
I also have a lot of backlog to clear on my blog (hmm, a backlog on a blog...a blocklog?). Must finish those.

In the mean time, should you want to talk to God...

Saturday, March 04, 2006


I went to a sitar concert by Pt. Ravi Shanker and his daughter, Anoushka at the Siri Fort auditorium. Now, normally I can't make the head or tail of classical music, be it Indian or western. To me, both are just tunes without lyrics (I blame Bollywood and Rock for this). But this evening was an eye opener. I mean, though most of the sitar recital went rught over my head, I discovered the sound of the tabla. That's some instrument, the table. It's amazing how much sound comes out of two small coconuts. And the sitar is also quite a percussionist instrument. It gives the effect of the 'wall of sound' so popularised by the Beatles. And the auditorium itself brought back memories when I had come to Delhi in 1999 to collect an award in photography. We had the award distribution there, and the memories just came flooding back. All in all, a nice evening out. It has piqued my interest in Indian classical music.

Long Time No See...

There is a very valid reason for my not posting in a really long time - my computer crashed, and I lost all my data. Stupid viruses @%$$%^^&*%^#$%#%!!! Hopeful, I should be able to get it completely in working condition soon.