Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Editor Unplugged...

Vinod Mehta has said all he wanted to say in his autobiography, Lucknow Boy. So what is the reason for a sequel? Do autobiographies have sequels? Is Editor Unplugged a sequel? The answer to the third question can be: perhaps.

Editor Unplugged, to be clear, is not an account of Vinod Mehta's life and in that sense, is not an autobiography. But the book brims with his thoughts and beliefs, and how he came about to have them. These shed a better light on the person, and would qualify as an autobiography.

Vinod Mehta is famous for coming on Times Now debates, and more recently, taking a swig from a glass of single malt on TV. Before that, he was the editor who blew open the Radia Tapes story. But such stories, though throwing light on the person, do not do complete justice to him.

In Editor Unplugged, Vinod Mehta talks about the things that matter to him, his views on TV journalism, the people who inspired him, people he was hoodwinked by (an entire chapter on him!). In tone the book feels like it takes off from where the last book ended. To read it is to feel that once Vinod Mehta has finished talking about himself, he sits back and waxes on topics that come to his mind. To that end, the book is a perfect follow up to the earlier book. A valuable read,


Added on 9/03/15

Vinod Mehta's passing is a bolt from the blue. Suddenly, this book seems like the perfect swan song to an interesting lifeled.

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